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Design Packages: (50% payment upfront remaining balance at completion of website design).


3 pages - $599

5 pages - $799

7 pages $950


Standard Website - 3 pages - may include map to your location, your logo and 3 email addresses for your company or organization.  Logo should be supplied in computer graphic format (.bmp, .jpg, .tif). You may also include one photo that you supply in the above mentioned format. Photo may be supplied as a computer graphic or we will scan a photo that you supply.  An example would be your homepage with your basic information, a second page with a map to your location, and a third page giving more details about your company.  This page could briefly describe your product or services and include items such as your prices, etc.


Standard Website - 5 pages Standard site with your name, logo (.bmp, .jpg, .tif), map to your location and 5 email addresses for your company or organization.  You may also include a few photos as described above.


Enhanced Website -7 pages Includes Standard website with photos, bio, some of your personal advertising, your logo, map to your location and 5 email addresses.  Additional pages can be used to provide more detailed information on your products and services or to include a 'Feedback' or 'Contact' form.  It can also allow for photos, including your location, company owner, key staff, products, and vehicles. Also an enhanced site might include logos of organizations you belong to (i.e. organizations that supply certification for your industry or state, regional, or national organizations you belong to).  You must supply the logo in computer graphic format, which will be included Ďas isí without being reworked.


Contact us for your specific needs and we can collaborate to produce an informative, user-friendly and modern website for your business!